Wow, what a wonderful longhouse homestay ! Stay and sleep deep in the heart of Sarawak ! Get deep into the world’s oldest rainforest jungle and environment. Get to experience the real customary practices of various indigenous. See by yourselves the real cultures and traditional belief of the native. Don’t miss your chances. All these are not hearsay but real and live experience, once you choose to join our longhouse homestay.
Inside A Longhouse
Homestay in Belaga is one of the best memory and experience that many tourists can’t forget in their lifetime whenever they dwell and stay in Belaga. Our longhouse homestay is a real stay in the longhouse. Tourists are free to taste and experience all the life styles of the longhouse folks.
Belaga Homestay gives tourists the most satisfaction that they enjoy in their stay. The homestay management is always sensitive to give their utmost services to all tourists. Experiencing the way and cultural life of many indigenous in Belaga is ranked from traditional food cooking, folk music, folk dance, traditional longhouse life style and so on. All longhouses around and within Belaga town are very fascinated and unique destinations’ homestay and we assure all tourists, will get utmost satisfaction from these natural natures including local customary practices.
The Diverse Background of Belaga Homestay

To know Sarawak’s population, you need to find out more about the exact figure and information. Iban formed the biggest population and followed by Chinese, Malay, Bidayuh, Melanau and the orang Ulu (people that leave in the interior) ethnics  that consisting of Kenyah, Kayan, Kelabit, Lun Bawang, Bisaya, Penan, Punan, Kejaman, Lahanan, Sekapan, Tanjung, Ukit, Seping, Sihan, etc.

Belaga’s population is dominantly Orang Ulu ethnics. Amongst many natives of Sarawak and Belaga particularly, Kenyah ethnic is found to be the most creative and talented in their traditional cultural, craftworks, wood curving, traditional music talented, bead weaving and design, traditional sketch drawing of painting, etc. An example of Kenyah most popular folk music is sape. The origin of sape music is from the Kenyah ethnic. Kenyah plays sape in various tones which other ethnics cannot do. The other ethnics learned sape from Kenyah. The many tones of the sape music are closely related to the folklores, literatures and traditional hymn of the Kenyah, which other ethnics cannot do.
Look ! A Young Maiden Carries Her Babe Sister While Wearing Costume.
You can see cultural dance and folk music being practiced as daily activities in the midst of the indigenous people in their traditional way of life, belief, customary practices, etc. Home stay in the long house is where you experience a very unique feeling where you can hear crows of roosters; sounds of rear pigs being served with foods with nature’s surrounding deep in the heart of Borneo as you wake up early in the morning. At the same time, you’ll experience the howl of dogs at night and all these are only found deep in the heart of Sarawak, Borneo’s longhouse homestay.
A very experience man like Mr Ernest is very knowledgeable of all things correlated with local custom and homestay in Belaga. He will advise and tell you what is supposed and not when you stay in a homestay in the heart of Borneo. Click “Nature Tours’ page” for homestay and packages’ details.
Yeah! Make Belaga as your first choice of destination. We’re waiting to serve and give you the first touch of homestay in the heart of Borneo. Feel free to Contact Us.

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